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Carpets for hotel floors

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The DEGOM® hospitality rugs are hygienic and imputrescible and long-lasting.
They allow to withstand the continuous attack of water, oils and fats, in kitchens, bar bars, slaughterhouses, refrigerators.


  • Anti-skid and anti-skid as it prevents slips.
  • INSULATION of wet and cold floors. Reduces FATIGUE and discomfort and increases productivity.
  • RESISTANT where the floors are often covered with water or grease.
  • Cushions the fall and breakage of objects such as bottles, glasses, …

VARIEDAD DE POSIBILIDADES según sus necesidades:

Alveolar rubber plates:

The relief of the back, with its points of support, allows the evacuation of liquids through the lower part, keeping the work area dry.

On plates:

Measures: 150 x 100 cm.
Thickness: 22 mm.
Open or closed fund.
Great resistance

Possibility of Interconnectors

They do not undulate and remain always flat.

Alveolar rubber rugs with frame:

In standard carpets:

Measures: 150 x 90 cm.
Open background


Normal: Black color.

They are replaceable. Great wear resistance allowing a silent and rested walk.


 Rubber open-bottom modules adapted to any surface. They are ideal rugs for kitchens, bar bars, boats or work areas, such as anti-fatigue carpets.

COLOR: Black

Measures: 90 x 90 cm. approx.

Thickness: 14 mm.

Perfect solution for replacing wooden gratings. Ease and speed in installation and disassembly. Ideal wet areas.


Closed smooth rubber modules adapted to any surface. They are ideal rugs for kitchens, bar bars or work areas, such as anti-fatigue carpet.

COLOR: Black

Measures: 90 x 90 cm. approx.
Thickness: 14 mm.

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