The antifatigue (ergonomic) DEGOM® rubber mats are an excellent preventive measure to avoid workplace injuries.

The attractive designs available make these rugs ideal for any workplace:


See Alveolar, Clic mat, …

Many companies use anti-fatigue elements as a standard safety equipment.

One of the most common causes of physical exhaustion is standing on hard surfaces for long periods of time.

The diagram illustrates different parts of the body that become fatigued and stressed under these circumstances.

Fatigued employees generally have low morale, morale and are not productive.

Employees standing on anti-fatigue mats can reduce levels of exhaustion and fatigue by up to 50%. With these carpets your employees are more productive, have more encouragement and do their job better.

We have DEGOM® rubber anti-fatigue mats for all applications:

Behind counters
Behind cash registers
Work stations
In production lines
In kitchens, bars or wet areas
Fatty areas, etc.