Coatings and carpets for the protection of floors: mats and pavements

With consolidated experience since 1971 in the field of rubber flooring and mats, DEGOM, S.A. is currently a leader in the supply of materials for protection, conservation and cleaning of floors and entrances.

The prestige and quality of our brand is recognized among the main floor distributors, cleaning and maintenance companies, builders, engineers, architecture studios, interior designers, hardware stores, DIY stores.

Our Distributors

We have distributors and customers distributed by ALL THE Spanish PROVINCES through a personalized distribution network divided by zones:

Our presence abroad is consolidated more and more, especially in countries such as:


* Germany, Austria, Andorra, Portugal, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Turkey and Estonia


* Morocco and Ghana

Latin America:

Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, El Salvador, French Guiana, Panama and Paraguay

North America:



Dubai, Japan and Korea

* Permanent delegations of DEGOM