Felgom - Rubber Peaks

Rubber carpets for entrances and industrial uses as anti-fatigue

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Self-made product with more than 35 years of experience

The experienced height of the tines, its fine design and the rigorous care of its manufacture, in which pure synthetic rubber is used, make FELGOM® the most noble automatic cleaner.

Cleaning and automatic comfort of shoe soles. Effective, durable and experienced.

Ideal cleaning mat when sand, dust and humidity are a problem.

They offer great resistance to use. Extraordinarily effective in areas of mud, snow, dust, etc.

For its relevant features, FELGOM® carpets are a practical and decorative solution within the most varied needs.

It is only necessary to take a few steps, and thousands of flexible rubber tines receivers rubbing and brushing deeply the soles without scrubbing. All the particles (dust, mud, sand, snow, etc.) are stored in their bottom-tray, out of sight, since the experienced height and the very shape of their texture have achieved this. But they can be easily extracted thanks to the curved lines of its base.

The perimeter finish and the base of the carpet are designed to prevent slipping.

It is very easy to clean FELGOM® always has an impeccable presentation thanks to its ease of cleaning by any conventional means: with water or vacuuming.

Its excellent qualities will be maintained for years of continued use.

1100Carpet Felomo ECO rubber peaks 60 x 40 cm. Black (25 pcs.)8435367611002
1120Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 60 x 40 cm. in 16 mm. Black (10 u.)8435367611200
1121Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 60 x 40 cm. in 16 mm. Gray (10 u.)8435367611217
1122Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 60 x 40 cm. in 16 mm. Beig (10 u.)8435367611224
1130Carpet rubber Felgom peaks 80 x 60 cm. in 16 mm. Black (6 pcs.)8435367611309
1131Carpet rubber Felgom peaks 80 x 60 cm. in 16 mm. Gray (6 pcs.)8435367611316
1132Carpet rubber Felgom peaks 80 x 60 cm. in 16 mm. Beig (6 pcs.)8435367611323
1140Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 120 x 80 cm. in 16 mm. Black (2 pcs.)8435367611408
1142Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 120 x 80 cm. in 16 mm Beig (2 pcs.)8435367611422
1150Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 175 x 90 cm.in 16 mm Black (1 pcs.)8435367611507
1160Carpet Felomo rubber spikes 60 x 40 cm. in 16 mm w / logo (25 pcs.)8435367611606
1161Carpet rubber Felgom peaks 80 x 60 cm. in 16 mm w / logo (25 pcs.)8435367611613
1200Roll Felomo rubber spikes 8 x 1 mt. in 16 mm Black8435367612009
1201Roll Felomo rubber spikes 8 x 1 mt. in 16 mm Gray8435367612016
1202Roll Felomo rubber spikes 8 x 1 mt. in 16 mm Beig8435367612023
1203Roll Felomo rubber spikes 8 x 1.20 mt. in 16 mm Black8435367612030
1210Roll Felomo rubber spikes 6 x 1.60 mt. in 16 mm Black8435367612108
1213Roll Felomo rubber spikes 8 x 1.60 mt. in 16 mm Black8435367612139
1220Roll rubber Felgom spikes 10 x 1 mt. in 11 mm Black8435367612207
Cut roll Felomo Black rubber spikes in 16 mm. or 11 mm.


Felgom® rubber mats are made of premium rubber, turning them into unique carpets in material, technology and results.

They are presented in standard measurements and in two qualities: High Quality in 16 mm. and ECO Quality.

High quality 16 mm.

Eco quality



Thickness 15 mm.

8 x 1.20 mt .: Black
8 x 1 mt .: Black, gray, beige
6 x 1.60 mt .: Black

Thickness 11mm.

10 x 1 mt .: Black


Total weight: 9 Kg / m² approx. in BLACK of 15mm.
Tear strength: 25 Kg / cm²
Break elongation: 350%
Traction resistance: 80 Kg / cm²
Abrasion mm³: 235 mm³
Dimensional stability: Excellent
Hardness: 60º Shore A ± 2
Composition: SBR pure rubber
Color: Black (Check other colors)


It is cut to the desired size. Recessed in existing pits for the location of mud grinders.


We make personalized FELGOM® carpets with all types of logos vulcanized in the same rubber.

This innovative production process means that the logo does NOT disappear due to the gradual wear and tear, as it is neither painted nor screen printed.

Ideal for tickets to restaurants, hotels, shops, pleasure boats and businesses in general.

Consult minimum order.

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